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Turnkey Project Management

From consultation to system integration, we take care of the entire project from its start till completion.

A single point of contact makes it easy for project management, while a team of support work behind the scene tirelessly.


Our team of professional installers and engineers work together with your construction / project team to ensure a smooth project completion.


We provide rental of indoor and outdoor led walls and audio visuals for conferences, forums, gala dinners, parties, outdoor movie screenings, sports events and more.


We have indoor and outdoor led displays in different pixel pitch suitable for different environments and use.

Our indoor led walls ranges from P1.5 to P4.

Outdoor led wall ranges from P3 to P12.

We have transparent led display, transparent curtain video wall, see through transparent mesh / glass walls,
outdoor advertising walls, led poster screens, odd shape walls as well as indoor walls suitable for different environment.


Our full color outdoor led displays are made of RGB trichromatic leds, allowing
36 bit color, real time synchronous display of all types of information to be shown;
eg. 2d or 3d animation, video, live streaming video content etc.

The displays have a large viewing angle, color uniformity, are waterproof and easy to maintain.


Sports Stadium, Outdoor Signage and advertisement, Entertainment centers, Building facilities, Community centers, Amusement parks

outdoor led display-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists


Our indoor led display comes in pixel pitch of P1 to P4, has high refresh rate,
high brightness and high contrast, making it suitable for use under direct sunlight.

It also has a energy saving function, good heat dissipation, and an adjustable
brightness for different environment requirement.

Applications :

Stage backdrop for events, concerts, Offices, Schools, Discos, Pubs, Nightclubs, Retail outlets

floor to ceiling led -Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists


Our flexible led signs are one of the thinnest and lightest in the world with special material and advanced technology. They are super thin, bendable and can be installed at any uneven or irregular locations. They are also modular in design and can be easily installed anywhere. Power consumption is also low at less than 12w maximal power consumption per module.

Applications :

Hotel, shopping malls, building lobby, aquarium, underwater world, retail environment, outdoor stadiums, concerts, sightseeing areas.


round led display-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists


Our transparent led display have high transparency with light transmittance between 50%-90% and the display content is not affected. It is also extremely light weight
and thin, with low power consumption and does not require traditional cooling systems
and air conditioners to dissipate heat.

We have transparent glass, glass curtain wall and transparent mesh material in
different transparency level suitable for different environment use.
Suitable for outdoor, semi outdoor and indoor advertising needs.

Uses :
Retail window display, building facade, shopping malls, urban lighting, space design, exhibition display, stage events, bridges, tourist attractions, bars, entertainment outlets etc

transparent led display-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists


Our full color led poster display is a new generation of advertising display that is
designed to change the world of advertising. It is ultra thin and light weight and
can be installed hanging, fold out standing, foot mounting or wall mounting for
different requirements.

It provides a high definition visual experience with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm,
high refresh rate and a brightness that is 3 times that of conventional LCD.

The elegant design blends in well in sophisticated retail environment and draws
more eye balls as compared to regular advertising channels. The highly integrated
hardware design supports remote cluster control and management, making it easy
to control the advertising broadcast,

Applications :

Retail, fashion runways, stage events, concerts, space design, exhibition displays, F&B outlets, entertainment outlets, pubs, karaoke outlets etc

led poster display


Interactive led floor display brings a whole new experience to any environment.
Play an interactive game with others ;
watch the floors come alive in an interactive exhibition ;
add some finesses to ceiling to display exhibit display
and more.
The ideas are limitless.

Applications :

Shopping malls, tourists attractions, exhibitions, events, concerts, large scale displays etc

floor to wall led display-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists


LED display has become an essential part of audio visual communications,

reaching out to millions of people in different formats. 

Here's some of our projects in different environments. 


Why Work With Us?

We have more than 14 years of experience in installing, building and integrating the backbone audio visual of many industries, including entertainment outlets, F&B, country clubs, ballrooms, function rooms and more.

We have a LED display factory, as well as a professional sound and lighting factory in the technology hub of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China. Our LED displays are custom made to size and specs requirement.

The team is constantly doing R&D, improving our technology and techniques and manufacturing processes.

Our factory is also CE, RoHS, FCC, EMC, IP65 and SASO certified.

Our team consists of sound and lighting engineers as well as skilled and experienced installers, with expertise in electrical setup and fabrication.

We work with direct clients, consultants and main contractors.

Tap onto our wealth of experience and expertise.

Talk to us for your next project.



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