We provide total integrated audio visual solutions in entertainment outlets and built environment (malls, hotels, schools, offices, retail, F&B, country clubs etc)

We recommend and provide the specifications based on purpose use, environment and budget.

Our team of sound engineers and installers are involved in the project right from the start;

i. preparing the site for installation,

ii. running the cables and connection,

iii. build up and install of infrastructure and systems and

iv. finally, commissioning and terminating the systems for a complete handover

audio visual solutions-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists
led display audio visual sound solutions-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists
Audio visual solutions-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists
led display audio visual solutions-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists

Entertainment Outlets

Discos, night clubs, pubs, karaoke outlets, dance clubs, hybrid restaurants with entertainment all require outstanding audio visual solutions to provide a complete sensory experience to keep customers entertained.

We have more than 20 years of experience in building up the backbone audio visual solutions for this group of customers.

From led walls, audio acoustics, stage lighting and laser shows to live band setup, we are one of the most trusted and reliable system integrator that you can find.

Our experience in both small and big outlets gives us comprehensive knowledge in the operations requirements , allowing us to better serve our customers.

audio visual solutions for clubs-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists
audio visual solutions-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists

Places of Worship

Places of worship need a total fully integrated audio visual solution for their prayer and worship sessions.

We work with different places of worship to identify their needs and requirements and propose solutions that optimise their operational and functional needs.

We take into consideration their current built environment and work our audio visual solutions around them, presenting suitable options based on functions and most importantly, budget.

Built Environment

Ballrooms, function rooms, halls - places where people congregate for events, meetings or gatherings, need good integrated audio visual solutions to cater to the myriad needs of the customers that the venue serves.

We integrate total audio visual solutions for built environments depending on the purpose requirement.

From stage sound, patch points, control area build up and set up, network linkage and integration, we build it so that the technical operations are simplified to just a matter of pressing a few buttons.

ballroom audio visual solutions-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists
transparent led display for retail - Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists

Retail environments have evolved over the years to beyond a brick and mortar outlet providing products and services for consumers.

In an increasingly sophisticated society, retail environment now seeks to impress, excite and engage customers.

A sensory experience utilising audio visual solutions that are network linked and connected to the cloud allows for easy and seamless change of graphics and videos that are integral to a fast moving retail environment.

F&B Environment

F&B places now employ technology and utilise audio visual solutions to communicate their brand and offerings to customers.

We integrate total audio visual solutions for F&B outlets as part of their overall business setup. 

From small ceiling speakers providing ambient or pipe in music;

to TV walls / touch screen panels / led walls for branding and communication purposes;

to stage setup for live music performances and even CCTV cabling and setup;

we build it so that the operations team just need to press a few buttons to get things going.

audio visual solutions for cafe-Hertz2-LED walls and AV specialists


Over the decade, we have worked on many projects, big and small.
From restaurants, cafe, pubs, KTV lounges, discos, nightclubs to auditoriums, function rooms,
ballrooms, churches, temples, country clubs, offices and more.


Why Work With Us?

We have more than 14 years of experience in installing, building and integrating the backbone audio visual of many industries, including entertainment outlets, F&B, country clubs, ballrooms, function rooms and more.

We have a LED display factory, as well as a professional sound and lighting factory in the technology hub of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China. Our LED displays are custom made to size and specs requirement.

The team is constantly doing R&D, improving our technology and techniques and manufacturing processes.

Our factory is also CE, RoHS, FCC, EMC, IP65 and SASO certified.

Our team consists of sound and lighting engineers as well as skilled and experienced installers, with expertise in electrical setup and fabrication.

We work with direct clients, consultants and main contractors.

Tap onto our wealth of experience and expertise.

Talk to us for your next project.



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